MSNBC’s Dylan Ratigan Exposes Federal Reserve Con – Parts 1 & 2 [Video]

Posted: July 13, 2010 in Brainwashing, Conspiracy, Federal Reserve, Illuminati, Media Control, NWO, Rothschild
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Part 1 of 2

Part 2 of 2


  1. jim germann says:

    dylan: would you please have matt simmons on again. the govt is still not being honest about the oil spill. ADM ALLEN knew about the flow rates,from the beginning. And,the media on the weekend(mostly cnn),was parroting BP,that everything was great. The media and bp,told us friday, that 8-9l lbs of pressure,would be a good sign,that the well was in good shape,on sat,they changed that to 7500,no one in the media,questioned,at all,or challenged them. Then, sunday,am,they(mostly cnn),started,saying well we are really looking,for about 6800 lbs of pressure. This is a con game,or our media,are so clueless,that they just go along with everything,there are fed. Seepage found a few miles from the well,suggests,what matt simmons,was saying. This stuff is scary,and our media,doesnt ask any questions, at all. Are these people, so in the bag for everything obama, that they just don’t want to know,what really is goin on here. Call these people out. Is it possible,and i believe it might be, but,could the youtube video,actually,not be the ,major problem,and it could be killled,and we would declare victory,and the problem,wouldnt be solved,at all.

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