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Here’s a new audio interview, and a new video presentation… discussing the Gulf oil crisis, the role of the alternative media, and the extensive and important learning to be had by all.

Both are wide ranging: the audio in particular. Recommended.

Audio interview with Bill Ryan by Tania from the Project Avalon Forum (88 mins)

Video presentation by Bill Ryan about the Gulf oil crisis and the situation in the Niger Delta (24 mins)

The video presentation is worth watching for Ed Kashi’s powerful 8-minute film CURSE OF THE BLACK GOLD, which I’ve appended on the end. See this, if nothing else. This is what’s being done to the human race when no-one in the first world is watching. The film Avatar comes to mind. It’s all right here on Planet Earth. You don’t have to go to Pandora.


July 17, 2010

Kindra Arnesen, outspoken critic of BP from Venice, Louisiana and advocate for the fishermen of the Gulf Coast and their families, indeed for all families in trouble from the oil catastrophe in the Gulf, was interviewed live on Hard Tail News of Freedomizer Radio by regular host “Doc” on July 15th. The topics include the new cap, BP coverups and double-crosses, toxic rain, oil plumes and hurricane impacts on the oil disaster.

Here is her hour interview with Doc in five parts:

Part 1 of 5:


from July 16, 2010

‘Stop Poisoning the Gulf’ – Kindra Arnesen on Intel Hub Radio with special co-hosts Matt and Gavin from Project Gulf Impact

Part 1/2 :


All oil is a replenishable resource.

We have been lied to and led to believe that oil is scarce,  a product of extinct species of animals and ancient plants and organisms (fossil fuel).

Oil is a self replenishing compound which is manufactured by natural forces in the Earth’s mantle.

Col L Flectcher Prouty on the myth of peak oil:



12-minute segment of an interview with Lindsey Williams that appeared on Coast to Coast AM 10 December 2007. He is a primary source in the debate on peak oil.