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BROWN: Tonight, growing outrage over the millions of gallons of chemical dispersants BP is dumping into the gulf. Some local residents insist the chemicals along with the oil are making them violently ill. They say they’re nauseated. They’ve got headaches and breathing problems.

Kerry Kennedy from the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights has been touring the coast and talking to folks who complain that they are being exposed to a lot of unknown toxins right now. I spoke with her earlier today.

BROWN: Kerry, people who have come in contact with the oil and the dispersants are complaining of nausea, headaches, burning eyes. Talk to me a little bit about your experience when you were touring these gulf communities.

KERRY KENNEDY, RFK CTR. FOR JUSTICE AND HUMAN RIGHTS: Well, that’s exactly what we felt. I went out on a boat yesterday into the gulf and all of us were wearing respirators and we had burning eyes and sore throats and a sense of nausea. As far as you could see, all around us the ocean looked like we were at a gas stock — the slick of oil everywhere with that kind of rainbow color.

BROWN: I know you talked to a lot of people working in this stuff, too. Were they being encouraged to wear rubber gloves, to wear respirators like you did and other kinds of protective gear that might help them?

KENNEDY: No. Quite the opposite. We talked to workers who had been told by BP that they didn’t need respirators. Apparently, they’re concerned about poor media images of people wearing respirators and rubber gloves and starting, quote, “hysteria.”