The Chemical Dumbing Down of America – Why Most People Will Never Wake Up [video]

Posted: January 4, 2011 in Brainwashing, Conspiracy, Fall of the American Empire, General Arcanum, NWO, Propaganda, Vaccinations
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Why are people so brainwashed by their corporate media?

Why do people care more about American Idol and Dancing with the Stars than being harmed with thimerosal in their vaccinations and sodium fluoride in their water supply?

The sad truth to why most people may never wake up.


  1. avenger says:

    what the evil men have still not accomplished in thousands of years.
    that will be undone by us in seconds

  2. Paula says:

    Have you studied any psychology? Have you heard of the term projection? We must not project if we are to create a better world. I assume that is why you write your blog? To end tyranny and create a better world for all?

    I know what you write about here is true. I have thought this for awhile now. My intuitive sense tells me we need to do our best to not make things worse by being violent with our message or our behaviour with our very justified rage. We need to make this world better, not worse. Do you agree? Otherwise what is the point?

    How do we do that? Let us use our higher capacities to achieve our aims of a healthy world for all.
    If someone were to try to hurt me directly, I would defend myself. With martial arts. Not with a gun or knife. Otherwise, I am just as bad as them, I am contributing to the violence I criticize. No one is perfect, but we can do better given the tools. If in the end, I am killed, I at least did my best and did not contribute to the endless violence here. This may seem like a religious argument. It is, I ascribe to my own moral compass, that is my religion. The question is this: What do we want to create and who do we want to influence and how? Because we are being watched and we are creating our world right now with all we think, say and do. We are part of the problem if we are not part of the solution.

    How do we want to feel as we live? What will our affect be on others who are learning from our actions, words and energy?


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