by Project Avalon

Here’s a new audio interview, and a new video presentation… discussing the Gulf oil crisis, the role of the alternative media, and the extensive and important learning to be had by all.

Both are wide ranging: the audio in particular. Recommended.

Audio interview with Bill Ryan by Tania from the Project Avalon Forum (88 mins)

Video presentation by Bill Ryan about the Gulf oil crisis and the situation in the Niger Delta (24 mins)

The video presentation is worth watching for Ed Kashi’s powerful 8-minute film CURSE OF THE BLACK GOLD, which I’ve appended on the end. See this, if nothing else. This is what’s being done to the human race when no-one in the first world is watching. The film Avatar comes to mind. It’s all right here on Planet Earth. You don’t have to go to Pandora.

As discussed particularly in the audio interview, one of the astonishing things about the recent Gulf Oil crisis is how much the alternative media got quite wrong. I count myself in that, and hold up my own hand: some of the information I reported below, in good faith, was inaccurate.

Frequently-referenced sources who have made mistakes (for whatever reason) include oil industry analyst Matt Simmons, and Lindsey Williams. Simmons’ claims are wildly incorrect, and Williams was grossly misinformed by his [new] BP source about some technical details of the Macondo Well. It’s been an extremely interesting journey.

Three good sources for reliable information about the Gulf oil situation. The Oil Drum is particularly excellent for reliable information and high-quality informed discussion between professionals who are no friends of BP or Obama. (Hunt out the posts of a member called ROCKMAN. You’ll find out more than you knew there was there to learn.)

The Oil Drum Forum

Alexander Higgins’ Blog

George Washington’s Blog

  1. mdntokr says:

    Could not agree more Mr. ryan. It would seem like we are all in a bit of a pickle.
    At least we have tireless warriors like youreslf to wake the sleeping masses.
    Thanks to you and project camelot I wokeup about 3 yrs ago.
    Thanks Bil
    I,ve never felt so very much alive.
    P.S. My beautiful wife thinks I,m insane and just doesn,t want to hear it. OK!
    Carpe` Diem

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