The world’s financial markets are in ruin, government spending is out of control and stock markets are manipulated daily on a whim with 80% of stock trading done automatically through computer software.  Personal net worth of individuals has fallen due to government mismanagement of the economy and financial markets. Wars drain the treasury and feed the children of the nation to slaughter. Wounded are treated as piranhas on the system and income taxes are insufficient to cover the debt.

Governments sponge more money further debasing the value of the dollar and consumer’s anger is directed to corporations for the increase in daily living expenses, when in fact it is the governments borrowing of money that is causing the value of the dollar and the national debt to increase exponentially.

Tax monies are used to bailout financial institutions increasing the burden on individuals and creating a new generation of working poor and homeless people. Evidence is all around of police brutality and the state employing laws against its citizens keeping people in fear. The constitution is attacked daily and the rights and liberties of Americans are eroded by politicians in Washington who have lost sight of what the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution stand for.

The actions the President has taken during this term violate common law and he has failed to uphold the oath of office, the President has failed to protect the borders from invasion, 30 million illegal immigrants is indeed an invasion and the Federal government legally challenges states that pass legislation to restrict the porous border. He has failed to protect the economy from theft and market manipulation, a form of economic terrorism perpetrated against the American people causing the transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich.

The current debt for every American citizen is at $42,000.00 per man, woman and child with no end in sight of tackling the growing debt as the government continues to “just print money” and then borrows that money from a private bank called the Federal Reserve.

This is the list of families that have all controlling interest in the Federal Reserve.

1) The Rothschild Family – London

2) The Rothschild Family – Berlin

3) The Lazard Brothers – Paris

4) Israel Seiff – Italy

5) Kuhn-Loeb Company – Germany

6) The Warburgs – Amsterdam

7) The Warburgs – Hamburg

8) Lehman Brothers – New York

9) Goldman & Sachs – New York

10) The Rockefeller Family – New York

Something is terribly wrong with this state of affairs when seven of the top ten stockholders are located in FOREIGN a country, that is 70%!

To articulate how devious this system is, Jim Marrs provides the following data in his extraordinary book, “Rule by Secrecy.” He says that two financial institutions essentially control the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, which undeniably controls the other eleven Federal Reserve branches:

1) Chase-Manhattan (controlled by the Rockefellers) – 6,389,445 shares – 32.3%
2) Citibank – 4,051,851 shares – 20.5%

These two entities control nearly 53% of the New York Federal Reserve Bank and considering how many trillions of dollars are involved here; do you think the above-listed banks and families have an inordinate amount of influence in how America is being governed?

This is not a conspiracy theory of international bankers controlling the United States economy; this is indeed a real conspiracy.

Definitions of conspiracy

  • a secret agreement between two or more people to perform an unlawful act
  • a plot to carry out some harmful or illegal act (especially a political plot)
  • a group of conspirators banded together to achieve some harmful or illegal purpose

For nearly eighty years, the U.S. had been without a central bank since the charter for the Second Bank of the United States was allowed to expire. After various financial panics, particularly a severe one in 1907, many Americans became convinced that their country needed some sort of banking and currency reform that would, when threatened by financial panics, provide a ready reserve of liquid assets, and furthermore allow for currency and credit to expand and contract seasonally within the U.S. economy. Some of this was chronicled in the reports of the National Monetary Commission (1909-1912), which was created by the Aldrich-Vreeland Act in 1908. Included in a report of the Commission, submitted to Congress on January 9, 1912, were recommendations and draft legislation with 59 sections, for proposed changes in U.S. banking and currency laws. The proposed legislation was known as the Aldrich Plan, named after the chair of the Commission, Republican Senator Nelson W. Aldrich of Rhode Island. The Plan called for the establishment of a National Reserve Association with 15 regional district branches and 46 geographically dispersed directors primarily from the banking profession. The Reserve Association would make emergency loans to member banks, create money, and act as the fiscal agent for the U.S. government. State and nationally chartered banks would have the option of subscribing to specified stock in their local association branch. It is generally believed that the outline to the Plan had been formulated in a secret meeting on Jekyl Island in November of 1910 in which Aldrich and other well-connected financiers attended.

The Federal Reserve CORPORATION prints money – then loans it, at interest, to our government, let us remember one thing about the very essence of banking – primarily which money should have some type of standard upon which its value is based. In the case of America, we use to operate on what is called a “gold standard” (i.e. our money is backed by gold).

How money is actually created, and at what cost to the American taxpayer.

If the Federal Reserve wants to print 1,000 one-hundred ($100) bills, their total cost for ink, paper, plates, labor, etc. would be approximately $23.00 (according to Davvy Kidd in “Why a Bankrupt America”). Now, if we do the math, the total cost of 10,000 bills would be $230.00 ($.023 x 10,000). Here is the hook – 10,000 $100 bills equal $1,000,000! The Federal Reserve can “create” a million dollars; LEND it to the U.S. Government (with interest) for a total cost of $230.00! That is not a bad deal if you can get it!

The banking industry calls this process “seigniorage.”

Seigniorage derived from notes is more indirect, being the difference between interest earned on securities acquired in exchange for bank notes and the costs of producing and distributing those notes

This is theft of biblical proportions  despite of the immense profit margin ($1,000,000 for $230), plus the huge interest payments, our government then needs to tax the American people’s money to pay off their debts via the IRS. So the bankers misappropriate from the government, then the government turns around and embezzle from the people. The American taxpayers abused through this process.

The Federal Reserve has become so arrogant that they have become a literal MONEY MAKING MACHINE, creating currency out of thin air! Therefore, that is where the Fed gets their money – they literally make it, and then lend it to us so they can make even MORE money off it.

Where is the gold in Fort Knox? Why is the USA off the gold standard?

There is only one answer, there is no gold left in Fort Knox, it is all gone, stolen by the very same people who control the Federal Reserve! Is it any wonder why there is so much opposition to Congressman Paul’s request for a full audit of the Federal Reserve and congresses failure to pass this bill?

The American public for the theft and mismanagement of the nation’s economy would crucify our elected officials if the Federal Reserve’s financial dealings were placed under a public microscope in an open form before congress.

Income taxes are illegal and a fraud perpetrated against the American people for the benefit of private banking, nowhere in the income tax act are individual Americans listed as debtors for the actions or spending habits of the American government. Taxes are paid directly to the private bank called the Federal Reserve, transferring the wealth of the nation to off shore bankers in essence robbing you of representation, the very principal the revolution was founded on, and taxation without representation is unconstitutional.

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