Have you looked at the skies lately? A Chemtrails Primer

Posted: June 22, 2010 in Chemtrails, Conspiracy, HAARP, Illuminati, Media Control, NWO
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Arseniy A. Kozlov
June 22, 2010

If you haven’t, I urge you to do so. Observe the sky for couple of weeks and see if you notice something different, something strange there.

What am I talking about?

Long white trails emitted by the commercial aircrafts and other high flying aerial vehicles. Since the utilization of jet engines, we became accustomed to the sight of pencil-thin and short contrails that the airplanes leave behind. However, within the last 15 years the appearance of contrails has changed dramatically. Those who are a bit older might remember that condensation trails used to disappear within minutes and that was the case up until mid 1990s. Now the new types of contrails persist for a longer period of time and do not dissipate. Eventually they spread out and form eggshell color blankets, which will hang in the sky for several hours. Occasionally a careful observer will notice that the sky is being crisscrossed by the airplane condensation trails and thereby forming checkerboard patterns.

Consequently, the skies above us become hazy or mushy. There are many other various patterns, colors and forms that contrails create. Unfortunately the lack of official public explanations created a breeding ground for speculation on the nature of these changes. Nevertheless, a flotilla of evidence regarding the new strange occurrences described above could be found in the scientific and government sources that are seldom looked at by the general public.

First of all, the new development in the sky must be identified and the difference between an ordinary and a more recent phenomenon of contrails has to be understood. Ordinary condensation trails from the jet airplanes are produced when the exhaust water vapor condenses on dust particles at high altitudes then turns into ice crystals and dissipates within 20 minutes. However, the new phenomenon of contrails has a vast visual difference and longevity. The term chemtrails was coined to explain the condensation trails which persist in the sky for hours, spread wider than in the past and eventually multiple chemtrails form milky veils or create cloud like formations. Various unusual chemtrail patterns can be observed daily in many parts of the North America. They appear to be denser, have an off white color and different hues can be created when the sunlight goes through one of the chemtrails. Furthermore, there is evidence pointing to the fact that the new type of contrails has a different chemical composition and no longer consists of a mere water vapor.

Sometimes chemtrails could be seen slowly falling toward the ground and samples can be collected. Dr. Len Horowitz has submitted chemtrail samples to the EPA but they refused to analyze them. Nevertheless, concerned citizens provided samples to the several independent laboratories which have conducted tests and the particulates of Aluminum oxide, Barium, Magnesium were detected in them.

Equipped with test results the concerned members of the public requested various government agencies to produce a reasonable explanation for this new strange phenomenon, but to no avail.

Why are the earth-based chemicals being delivered into the atmosphere by airplanes? The only rational answer to this mind-boggling question came forward from the global warming activists, who call it a Geoengineering option.

In the last couple of years the leading voices in the climate change awareness movement began to discuss more openly an emergency strategy to combat global warming. This scenario is now called the Geoengineering, and it is primarily based on the chemical sprayings of the atmosphere via high altitude aerial vehicles. According to the climate change leaders the geoengineering option will be carried out when all other attempts to reduce CO2 gases in the atmosphere have failed and the planet was at the brink of an environmental catastrophe.

For instance, Bill Gates, one of the wealthiest individuals on the planet, introduced a geoengineering idea on the TedTalks in February 2010. After his speech a question was raised regarding the implementation of the “emergency measures” when all other programs to reduce the CO2 gases in the atmosphere have failed. Bill Gates answered and spoke of geoengineering as the last option on the table to delay the heating of the planet.

Geoengineering is an artificial way to alter the global atmospheric chemistry under the pretext of curbing global warming. It will be accomplished via cloud seeding with aerosolized sulfites, chemical sprayings of the jet stream and deflecting sun’s rays with a variety of means. This option was announced by experts and promulgated by philanthropists who deemed it to be the “emergency strategy” and a last resort against global warming. Geoengineering is part and parcel of climate control technologies, various weather modification schemes and weather warfare techniques.

The Wilson Quarterly, Spring 2007 issue, published an eye opening article with a headline “The Climate Engineers” pertaining to the large-scale weather modification experiments which are being carried out under the banner of geoengineering. The author presents an analytical summation of the scientific research on the weather control technologies, the rainmaking capabilities, the diversion of weather storms and the relevant applications thereof in the civilian and military fields. The article traces a number of scientific attempts to control the weather from the American Civil War to the present day propositions of the National Academy of Sciences on the artificial alteration of the climate. The experts from the various fields and disciplines made striking propositions and received an adequate government funding for geoengineering options. The options consist of cloud seeding with silver iodide, launching huge mirrors into the Earth’s orbit to deflect sun’s rays, for B-747s to deliver different chemical compounds into the upper atmosphere and to make clouds thicker by pumping whipped ocean water into them.

After the severity of global warming was exacerbated by a number of White House reports, the scientists began their search for a “technological quick fix” to the problem of climate change.

The physicist Lowell Wood, who among other things worked for Pentagon as a chief weapons designer and threat analyst, made a peculiar declaration at one of the NASA’s conference. Wood offered an idea of creating a “global thermostat” to control earth’s climate. In order to achieve that he proposed to use large cannons to shoot highly reflective sulfate aerosols and “specially engineered nanoparticles” into the Arctic stratosphere. Supposedly the result of such geoengineering measures would be an “instant climatic gratification”.

* A d v e r t i s e m e n t

Since World War II the enthusiastic scientists were experimenting with the cloud seeding techniques by dropping dry ice and other chemicals from airplanes into the clouds to cause or enhance precipitation. During the Vietnam War the US Military, with a full support of both presidents Johnson and Nixon, conducted a covert operation under the name POPEYE. The Air Force delivered cloud seeding particulates over the Ho Chi Minh Trail with a purpose of reducing enemy’s traffic ability.

Thus, the geoengineering stems largely from the research on the weather warfare technologies.

James R. Fleming, the author of “The Climate Engineers”, makes frequent references to the government and university documents and a UN publication to validate the point of how serious is the discussion on the weather control. The summarized scientific papers and White House proposals have many common aspects, including cloud seeding and the sprayings of the jet stream with various chemical compounds. The rationale behind the schemes of geoengineers is to overcome the potentially disastrous consequences from the uncontrolled climatic changes on the planet.

The schemes listed above fit exactly with what we are witnessing in the skies, when chemtrails spread out, become cloud like and either create of enhance weather storms. The chemtrails tend to whiten the sky and create haze, which persists for hours and then transforms into clouds. After four to five days of continuous chemical sprayings, dark clouds begin to gather together and precipitation follows.

The Foreign Affairs periodical, a literary arm of the prestigious Council on Foreign Relations, carried a revealing essay in its March/April 2009 issue entitled “The Geoengineering Option”. A panel of professors and University directors described the possibility of utilizing the climate modifying technologies to reduce the harmful impact of carbon dioxide gases on the earth’s atmosphere. The authors introduce the topic of geoengineering through a standard climate change experts’ argument. The rapid and severe climate change will produce catastrophic consequences, the greenhouse gases are not being reduced fast enough, and therefore the governments all over the world will be forced to undertake emergency strategies for curbing the effects of global warming.

The first presidential report on the dangers of global warming was made in 1965 and the geoengineering was prescribed to be the only remedy. Henceforth, the geoengineering on the planetary scale is presented to be the only feasible solution for the world in the state of environmental crisis.

In the years after WWII the US and USSR developed an intense interest in the weather warfare, and the geoengineering schemes emerged mainly from the research on the weather control techniques. For example, the US military proposed to use nuclear explosions to create a “nuclear winter” which could considerably cool down the planet. The rest of the elaborate strategies against global warming were based on the “cloud seeding” to reflect sunlight or to thicken the clouds.

“So far, launching reflective materials into the upper stratosphere seems to be the easiest and most cost-effective option. This could be accomplished by using high-flying aircraft, naval guns, or giant balloons. The appropriate materials could include sulfate aerosols (which would be created by releasing sulfur dioxide gas), aluminum oxide dust, or even self-levitating and self-orienting designer particles engineered to migrate to the Polar Regions and remain in place for long periods.” (p. 69)

The above proposals were based on the observations of volcanoes, which after eruption and the release of soot and other chemicals were known to produce a cooling effect all over the globe. According to geoengineers the creation of the “chemical shield” around the planet is bound to create a similar volcano-like effect. Another scheme involves launching huge clouds of “thin refracting discs” into the earth’s orbit to deflect sunlight in order to considerably slow down the global warming effect on the planet.

Just to add to these horrific scenarios, the last section of “The Geoengineering Option” essay is headlined “Brave New World”, alluding to the Aldous Huxley’s dystopic novel published in 1932.

The literature summarized above has some common threads. The articles lead the reader to believe that such radical options were seriously discussed by scientists, but never came into fruition and the geoengineering remains a mere consideration in the array of possible solutions to the looming climate change.

Nevertheless, Policy Implications of Greenhouse Warming, a 1991 publication that was released by the National Academy of Sciences and is referred to as a “global warming Bible”, dedicated an entire chapter to the large-scale geoengineering projects and the current implementation thereof.

“It is important to recognize that we are at present involved in a large project of inadvertent “geoengineering” by altering atmospheric chemistry, and it does not seem inappropriate to inquire if there are countermeasures that might be implemented to address the adverse impacts.” (p. 433)

Therefore, the combination of the personal observations of the skies and the authorized literature on the geoengineering/weather modification programs raises the unequivocal conclusion that the chemical sprayings of the atmosphere began in ’90s and continue to this day.

Can there be unintended and catastrophic consequences due to tampering with the earth’s extremely complex climate system? What are the detrimental effects of chemical sprayings in the atmosphere upon human physiological and psychological states? Is it known to produce respiratory problems, create new forms of allergies and cause other ailments? Why do jet planes deliver the earth-based chemicals into the atmosphere in the first place? These are the pertinent questions which are not properly addressed in the above publications.

We need to become fully aware of the grand experiments under which we are being subjected. We must demand answers and the public forum has to be opened to discuss any “emergency measures” against global warming.

Similar experimentations took place in 1940s trough 1970s in England by the Ministry of Defense (“Millions were in germ war tests”, The Observer). Dangerous chemicals and biological agents were sprayed in the populated areas of the country, resulting in the massive health problems and fatalities. Also look at “French bread spiked with LSD in CIA experiment”, Telegraph.

We cannot let this happen again and become the next group of guinea pigs for the curious scientists.

  1. Steve Beckow says:

    You may find, Kiljaeden, that the true function of chemtrails is worse than you suspect. The American branch of the Illuminati – the Rockefeller faction – actually has a plan to depopulate the world, to bring the world’s population down from 8 billion or so to 500 million, the easier to subjugate it.

    They propose to use a number of means. One is pandemics through laboratory-created diseases like AIDS, SARS, and H1N1. Another is through a nuclear World War III. A third was through HAARP-engineered earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes, and tsunamis. And contained in the further list was chemtrails.

    Chemtrails cause Morgellon’s disease, which is fatal. The “geoengineering” rationale is a cover. The aluminum, barium and other toxic chemicals in chemtrails cause death.

    Google “depopulation chemtrails” and you’ll see plenty of articles on the subject.

    Please keep going. We need every voice we can get to shut down chemtrails and the Illuminati.

    Steve Beckow
    The 2012 Scenario

    • Kiljaeden says:

      Hi Steve,

      Thanks for the comment.

      Actually, I have been into the realities of chemtrails for many years, and the world of deceit and danger surrounding them. I am also trying to post the odd ‘primer’ type article to provide a bit of background for people who may be new to it, like I know some of my audience are..

      Recently I posted this:
      as my first entry on Chemtrails, but I assure you, I will be getting every bit of detail regarding morgellons, disease, population control, related to the chemtrails out there as I come across more info. Although geoengineering might be a cover, nevertheless it does have some geoengineering implications considering the levels of toxic ‘gunk’ they are spewing into the atmosphere and land, aside from the personal health issues planned from them. I do think we are on the same page, but I am just in my first weeks of this site. Now if I had started this blog 5 years or more ago, I might not be here right now 😉

      And you keep up the fantastic work!!

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