Free Energy from Tesla’s Wireless Electricity. An instant solution to the planetary energy ‘crisis’

Posted: June 12, 2010 in Conspiracy, General Arcanum, Tesla
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“The first World System power plant can be in operation in nine months.”

– Nikola Tesla, 1904

The Wireless electricity transmission system pioneered by Dr Nikola Tesla has the potential to meet our future global energy needs, if only the funding and organizational structures can be put in place as a matter of urgency.

Nikola Tesla, the father of AC electricity, is responsible for recognising that an atmospheric and a terrestrial storage battery already exists everywhere on Earth, for the benefit of mankind. A century later, only a few visionary scientists recognise the untapped renewable reservoir of terawatts of electrical power (3,000 gigawatts) that sits dormant above us, waiting to be utilised.

The fateful decision in 1905 by J.P. Morgan to abandon Tesla’s Wardenclyffe Tower project on Long Island (after investing US$150,000 – in 1905 dollars) was the result of learning that it would be designed mainly for wireless transmission of electrical power rather than for telegraphy. No more money was forthcoming for the project that Morgan initiated, even when the equipment alone cost about US$200,000. Morgan believed that he would “have nothing to sell except antennas [and refused] to contribute to that charity.”

Tesla tried and tried for years until, in 1917, the US government blew up the abandoned Wardenclyffe Tower because suspected German spies were seen ‘lurking’ around it. With Edison as his willing ally, Morgan even publicly discredited Tesla’s name, so that all of the five school textbook publishers of the time removed any reference to him. Is it any wonder why, even today – more than 100 years later – hardly anyone knows who Tesla is?

The rest of this article will present a physics and electrical engineering argument for a subsequently forgotten engineering alternative for energy generation and transmission.

As Tesla experimented with a 1.5 megawatt system in 1899 at Colorado Springs, he was amazed to find that pulses of electricity he sent out passed across the entire globe and returned with “undiminished strength”. He said; “It was a result so unbelievable that the revelation at first almost stunned me.” [Compared with this ‘undiminished strength”, more than two-thirds of current-day electrical power disappears and is totally wasted, due to transmission losses and other factors between current-day power stations and the electricity consumer – Ed]

This verified the tremendous efficiency of his peculiar method of pumping current into a spherical ball to charge it up, before discharging it as a pulse of electrical energy: a ‘longitudinal’ acoustic type of compression wave, rather than an electromagnetic Hertzian type of transverse wave. It was therefore more akin to electrostatic discharge than wave mechanics.

Tesla also planned to include a stationary resonant wave creation globally, within the Earth-ionosphere cavity, as part of the wireless transmission of power. Examining the pair of 1900 patents, #645,576 and #649,621 (each using the same figure on the first page), we find in the first patent that Tesla designed a quarter-wave antenna (fifty miles of secondary wire for a 200-mile long wavelength). More important is the sphere on the top which is supposed to be a conductive surface on a balloon, raised high enough to be radiating in “rarified air”.

As Tesla stated: “That communication without wires to any point on the globe is practical with such apparatus would need no demonstration, but through a discovery which I made I obtained absolute certitude. Popularly explained, it is exactly this: When we raise the voce and hear an echo in reply, we know that the sound of the voice must have reached a distant wall, or boundary, and must have been reflected from the same. Exactly as the sound, so an electrical wave is reflected, and the same evidence which is afforded by an echo is offered by an electrical phenomenon known as a ‘stationary’ wave – that is, a wave with fixed nodal and ventral regions. Instead of sending sound vibrations toward a distant wall, I have sent electrical vibrations toward the remote boundaries of the Earth, and instead of the wall the Earth has replied. In place of an echo I have obtained a stationary electrical wave, a wave reflected from afar.” [Reflected from the antipodean point on the far side of the globe – Ed]

Nikola Tesla’s discovery of pulsed propagation of energy does not resemble the standard transverse electromagnetic waves so familiar to electrical engineers everywhere. Many engineers and physicists have dismissed Tesla’s wireless energy transmission as unscientific, without examining the unusual characteristics and benefits of longitudinal waves – which are the z-component solutions of Maxwell’s equations.

Tesla wrote: “That electrical energy can be economically transmitted without wires to any terrestrial distance, I have unmistakably established in numerous observations, experiments and measurements, qualitative and quantitative. These have demonstrated that it is practicable to distribute power from a central plant in unlimited amounts, with a loss not exceeding a small fraction of one percent in the transmission, even to the greatest distance, 12,000 miles – to the opposite end of the globe.”

Tesla was an electrical genius who revolutionized our world with AC power in a way that DC power could never have accomplished, since the resistance of any transmission lines (except, perhaps for superconductive ones) is prohibitive for direct current. He deserved much better treatment from the tycoons of his age, than to spend the last forty years of his life in abject poverty. However, he was too much of a gentleman to hold a grudge. Instead, regarding the magnifying transmitter, Tesla wrote in his autobiography: “I am unwilling to accord to some small-minded and jealous individuals the satisfaction of having thwarted my efforts. These men are to me nothing more than microbes of a nasty disease. My project was retarded by laws of nature. The world was not prepared for it. It was too far ahead of time. But the same laws will prevail in the end and make it a triumphal success.”

Tesla’s World System

Tesla’s ‘world system’ was conceptually based on three of his inventions:

1. The Tesla Transformer (Tesla coil);

2. The Magnifying Transmitter (transformer adapted to excite the Earth);

3. The Wireless System (efficient transmission of electrical energy without wires).

Tesla stated: “The first World System power plant can be in operation in nine months. With this power plant it will be practicable to attain electrical activities of up to ten million horsepower (7.5 billion watts), and it is designed to serve for as many technical achievements as are possible without due expense.”

Tesla’s calculated power levels have been conservatively estimated and recently updated with contemporary physics calculations by Dr Elizabeth Rauscher. For example, Professor Rauscher  shows that the Earth’s ionosphere and magnetosphere contain sufficient potential energy, at least three billion kilowatts (three terawatts) respectively, so that the resonant excitation of the Earth-ionoshere cavity can reasonably be expected to increase the amplitude of natural ‘Schumann’ frequencies, facilitating the capture of useful electrical power.

Tesla knew that the earth could be treated as one big spherical conductor and the ionosphere as another, bigger, spherical conductor, so that together they have parallel plates and thus comprise a “spherical capacitor”. Rauscher calculates the capacitance to be about 15,000 microfarads for the complete Earth-ionosphere cavity capacitor. In 1952, W. O. Schumann predicted the ‘self-oscillations’ of the conducting sphere of the Earth, surrounded by an air layer and ionosphere, without knowing that Tesla had found the Earth’s fundamental frequency fifty years earlier. [Close to 7.83 beats per second; light and other energies traveling at local lightspeed wrap around the globe’s circumference roughly 7.83 times each second, at the level of the ionosphere – Ed]

“All that is necessary,” says Dr James Corum, “is that Tesla’s transmitter power and carrier frequency be capable of round-the-world propagation.” In fact, Tesla (in the Los Angeles Times, December 1904) stated: “With my transmitter I actually sent electrical vibrations around the world and received them again, and I then went on to develop my machinery.” Dr Corum notes in an article on Tesla’s ELF (extremely low frequency) oscillator that the tuned circuit of Tesla’s magnifying transmitter was the whole Earth-Ionosphere cavity.

Corum explains that a mechanical analog of the lumped-circuit Tesla coil is an easier model for engineers to understand. From a mechanical engineering viewpoint, the ‘magnifying factor’ can be successfully applied to such a circuit. “The circuit is limited by only the circuit resistance. At resonance, the current through the circuit rises until the voltage across the resistance is equal to the source voltage. This circuit was a source of deep frustration to Edison because voltmeter readings taken around the loop did not obey Kirchoff’s laws!” As a result, Edison claimed such a circuit was only good for electrocution chairs.

Earth’s Renewable Energy

Tesla’s World System activates the Earth’s renewable electrical storage battery, which normally sits dormant except during lightning strikes. Regarding simply the electrostatic storage capacity of the ionosphere, Dr Oleg Jefimenko, author of Electrostatic Motors, explains that during one electrical storm, the atmospheric electric field dissipates at least 0.2 terawatts (billion kilowatts), indicating that the entire Earth must have even more total available energy.

Furthermore, the power loss experienced by Tesla’s pulsed electrostatic discharge mode of propagation was less than five percent over 25,000 miles. Dr Van Voorhies states that “path losses are 0.25 dB/Mm at 10 Hz” – which is so minimal it is difficult to believe for engineers who are used to transverse waves, a resistive medium and line-of-sight propagation modes that can dissipate 10 dB/km at 5 MHz.

The capacitive dome of the Wardenclyffe Tower, like the conductive balloon of Tesla’s patent #645,576, is a key to understanding the longitudinal waves. Dr Rauscher quotes Tesla: “Later he compared it to a Van de Graaff generator. He also explained the purpose of Wardenclyffe: ‘…one does not need to be an expert to understand that a device of this kind is not a producer of electricity like a dynamo, but merely a receiver or collector with amplifying qualities.”

Only  a few great physicists, like Dr Elizabeth Rauscher, Dr James Corum and Dr Konstantin Meyl, have realised that Tesla was very practical when he proposed the resonant generation and wireless transmission of useful electrical power. Tesla’s knowledge of atmospheric electricity transduction was so extensive and reliable that, said Jim Corum (who has been funded to continue Tesla’s work): “You just have to do exactly what Tesla did and you will consistently get the same results he did.”

After returning from his experiments in Colorado Springs in 1900, Nikola Tesla stated: “If we use fuel to get our power, we are living on our capital and exhausting it rapidly. This method is barbarous and wantonly wasteful and will have to be stopped in the interests of coming generations.”

In view of our present fossil fuel-caused [or increased] global warming, Tesla seems very prophetic from his vantage point of a century ago.

High Transmission Integrity and Low Loss

Tesla stated: “As to the transmission of power through space, that is a project which I considered absolutely certain of success long since. Years ago I was in the position to transmit wireless power to any distance without limit other than that imposed by the physical dimensions of the globe. In my system it makes no difference what the distance is. The efficiency of the system can be as high as 96 or 97 per cent, and there are practically no losses except such as are inevitable in the running of the machinery.

“When there is no receiver, there is no energy consumption anywhere. When the receiver is put on, it draws power. That is the exact opposite of the Hertz-wave system. In that case, if you have a plant of 1,000 horsepower (750kw), it is radiating all the time whether the energy is received or not; but in my system no power is lost. When there are no receivers, that plant consumes only a few horsepower necessary to maintain the vibration; it runs idle, as the Edison plant when the lamps and motors are shut off.”

These amazing facts are explained by Corum, Spainol and Corum: “…the distinction between Tesla’s system and ‘Hertzian’ waves is to be clearly understood. Tesla, and others to this day, used the term ‘Hertzian waves’ to describe what we call today energy transfer by wireless transverse electromagnetic (TEM) radiation… no-one wants to stand in front of a high-power radar antenna. For these, E and H are in phase, the power flow is a ‘real’ quantity (as opposed to reactive power), and the surface integral of E x H (Poynting vector) is nonzero. The case is not so simple in an unloaded power system, an RF transformer with a tuned secondary; or with a cavity resonator.

“In these situations the fields are in phase quadrature, the circulating power is reactive and the average Poynting flux is zero – unless a load is applied. They deliver no power without a resistive load. These are clearly the power systems which Tesla created. The polyphase power distribution system was created by him in the 1880s and inaugurated at Niagara Falls in 1995. The RF transformer was invented and patented by him in the 1890s. He discovered terrestrial resonances experimentally at the turn of the century, and for the next forty years he tried to bring this global power system through to commercial reality. Today, millions of us have working scale models of it in our kitchens, while the larger version sits idle.” (from “Concerning Cavity Q”, Proceedings of the 1988 International Tesla Symposium, pp. 3-15)

Note that for a spherical electrostatic pulse discharge, E is radial and H is helical since J is radial (longitudinal or irrotational current). This is total anathema to transverse wave physics textbook images of E and H, which are normally perpendicular to each other.

Biological and Economic Impacts

Another common criticism of the Tesla wireless power system is regarding its possible biological effects. Calculating the circulating reactive power, the Corums and Spainol find a density of a microvar per cubic metre at 7.8 Hertz, which is quite small, while it is well known that such a frequency is very biologically compatible. The authors also look at the present 100 V/m Earth-ionosphere field and again find that raising it by a factor of 4 to 10 will pose no ill effects (thunderstorms do it all the time around the world).

In terms of economic theory, many countries will benefit from this service. Only private, dispersed receiving stations will be needed. Just like television and radio, a single resonant energy receiver is required, which may eventually be built into appliances so that no power cord will be necessary! Just think; monthly electric utility bills from old fashioned, fossil-fuelled, high-loss electrified wire-grid delivery services will be optional, much as cable TV is today. In the 21st century, “Direct TV” is the rage, which is an exact parallel of Tesla’s “Direct Electricity”.

Let us fulfill this prophecy of Tesla, making it a “triumphant success” by supporting a philanthropic, international wireless power station installed on a remote island to electrify the whole world. The benefits of immediately making direct electricity available everywhere are too numerous to count.

Thomas Valone

  1. Free Energy from Tesla?s Wireless Electricity. An instant solution to the planetary energy ?crisis?…

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  2. anahataetal says:

    This is very interesting. I am going to feature you as a guest commentary on my blog Thank you for bring this subject to light!

  3. anahataetal says:

    This is very interesting. I am going to feature you as a guest commentary on my blog Thank you for bring this subject to light!

  4. vamsi krishna says:

    thanks for giving such a nice topic

  5. Dr. James Bressi says:

    Ok, I have researched this for many years. This inexhaustible, completely ecology safe power is available and can be tapped. Remember Tesla was 80 years ago, he did not have the technology we have available now. The pyramids around the world are a remnant of this power grid. The pyramids used crystals to store and transmit the power which had antigravity capabilities. Think about it: lightening, tornadoes are just uncontrolled forms of this energy beaming to earth, and you know the power contained in them! Think if you could create a controlled consistent funnel spinning at 300 mph, how much turbine generated power could you yield, alot right? Or what if you could create a consistent electrical conduit the power of a bolt of lightening that was sustained indefinitely and transmitted to batteries and to other stations that would distribute the power to homes, factories, transportation systems etc.? Well that is what is sitting up there, and it is constantly being replaced due to the fact the earth is a large spinning magnet generating that field, further more there are virtual rivers and oceans of this energy in space generated from large planets, suns, yes even black holes can be used to travel and collect power from these energies, just like you have seen in countless scifi books and films.

    But know this: The shadow elite know this energy is there, is free for the taking, and means the end of their control of the people of this planet if it is harvested. Once harvested, we will never go back to this primitive, forced time of slavery of the many by the elitest few. Remember about 200 families control this planet, good luck to the ones that are willing to go get it, for you will have a fight on your hands. Until then using oil is like travelling in a horse and buggy, crude, not real safe, and very inefficient.

  6. You do inspire, Dr James. Many more minds are opening to the fact they can be independent of the national companies.

  7. Austin says:

    I just wanted to share a video that suggests pyramids were ancient power plants and seeks to reveal other secrets around the world like google earth blacked out sites that could have ruins on them…

    Ancient Tomorrow —
    Trailer –

  8. John says:

    the best spring board for this is Japan… force this info onto the Japanese people ( they do not want to use nuke power anymore) They quite frankly have zero choice…the U.S. is getting radiation from Fuk… This is a case for national security! and world survival

  9. MikeD says:

    Tesla’s work is not forgotten, in fact it’s being used as we speak, it’s called HAARP. The governemnt setup HAARP after they raided Tesla’s apartment & stole all his documents revealing all his secrets. Right before his death he was trying to display his Earthquake machine, where he could actually have a frequency generator to tune to the frequency of the building he was in & actually make the building shake violently. He also proved with the use of frequency, you can control the weather & environment, of course that too, is in the government’s hands. Again, this is HAARP. Imagine if this technology was used for good.

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  11. GoodBoy says:

    This made me think & is the reason i’m here: .

    If it’s possible we have to make this worldwide ; only the mass can outnumber the elite !

  12. Darren says:

    After reading this article iI feel utterly astounded at the fact that a man that was born of one hundred years ago had an attitude towards the environment that many today are only just beginning to develop themselves and was able to create a device that could do something that we can barely do today and something that is essential for mankinds further development if tesla had managed to complete his tower we would probably be living in a jettsons age and that is why all people should come together pool our collective resources and attempt to recreate and fulfill telsa’s dream.

  13. John says:

    It pleases me to see that finally Nikola Tesla is getting the recognition that he deserves. I am 29 years of age Hispanic male from New York City. I found out about Nikola Tesla When I was in high school doing a research paper on Alternating Current vs. Direct Current (AC/DC). It was from that point on that I became interested in the life and works of Nikola Tesla. It is sad that we don’t have a Tesla Museum in New York were His Fist laboratory was located before mysteriously burning to the ground. Tesla Should have been a main topic in all science classes for his genus was not confine to one portion of science but effected science as a whole. Another person that might be found interesting by the readers of this article is Ed leedskalnin and his theory of magnetism which is presumed to be the method for which he was able to construct the Corral Castle. Thanks

  14. enricogiampi says:

    thank you a lot for spreading this knowledge 😉

  15. Brandon says:

    He had so many inventions that people want to shove to the side such as his wireless transmission of power. It was all because of M-o-n-e-y! The people would not finance him because he wanted free power for the whole world. Do some research folks…

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  17. alex says:

    truely, madly, deeply, we earth people cant do anything with madness sicko people who plan destroy earth, thx for the articel and also mr nikola tesla

  18. bhavanishankar says:

    Really great. I only wish Nicola Tesla’s dream of wireless electricity will become reality soon for the benefit of the mankind.

  19. James says:

    In 1978 when I was in Grade 10 I read about Tesla’s work and I had been in awe of it ever since. all this years I have been wondering why no one was continuing with or carrying out his great work.the fact that his peers ostracised him, and he died a lonely and very poor made my heart bleed.

    • Peter says:

      Ultrasonic free charging

      Bosnian Pyramid emitting ultrasonic beam
      Energy from Pyramids to the space like charging space ship battery ?
      I think pyramids have to be much more discovered ,probably energy from base area (bigger base -more energy at the top )is concentrated to the top,could be used somehow,(to recharge our space station or free energy for each car or household

      Piezoelectric ultrasonic engine
      And there is only one step for ultrasonic engines which will convert this ultrasound to mechanical energy we need
      The stator of an ultrasonic motor is piezoelectric, meaning it has ceramic elements which when energized by AC voltage creates vibrations at the ultrasonic level. The vibrations of the stator and the pressure of the wave spring against the stator create friction which rotates the rotor that turns the output ring. The output ring is the transmission of the ultrasonic motor.
      A piezomotor is essentially an electrical motor that does not rely on magnetism for movement. Instead, motion of a piezomotor is created by applying electricity to a special piezoceramic material that forms a part of the piezomotor
      Additionally, piezomotors offer great potential for miniaturization and can be used without a gear drive in many applications. As such, they offer significant benefits in motion and flow control applications throughout diverse industries, including; medical device, aerospace, semiconductor, telecommunications, industrial and automotive.
      Key Benefits of Piezoelectric Motors vs. Electromagnetic Motors
      Performance Scalable Design Low Cost
      • 1000 X’s Better Resolution.
      • 100 X’s Faster Reaction Time.
      • 10 X’s Greater Torque/Force. • 1 m O.D. to < 10 mm O.D.
      • Rotary and Linear Designs. • Competitive pricing for most models.
      Unique Properties Low Voltage & Efficient Environmental
      • No gear-head required.
      • Non-magnetic (options available).
      • Wide temperature tolerance. • 12 V DC, miniature PCB design accommodates many applications.
      • Low Energy Requirements. • Ceramic Design Eliminates Ferrous or Copper Metals
      Even more comfortable,ultrasound battery charging

      We're not talking about being able to charge phones merely two feet away from the mat: if the technology works as intended, you can actually move around the room while your device's battery gauge fills up.
      Here's how it works: a thin charging station takes electricity and converts it into sounds, which are then transmitted over ultrasound. A receiver stuck to a phone or any other device then catches those sound waves and converts them back into energy.
      Ultrasound we got from pyramids(dont need to be transformed from electricity-maybe as a back up),so charging for free

      Free charging of cars,households,free heating,free everything
      Build a house,garage or factory, as pyramid, at the top will be ultrasound transmit ,you will use it for el.charging,or direct use for you, nonstop
      In my opinion strenght of ultrasound is depending if the pyramid is solid,empty,from glass,from copper,.from crystals.from stones,maybe not,If it is working not in solid way ,you can live in it,if it must by solid then put it in the garden as your own generator
      It is worth to go this way,in 50 years there will be even more people on earth and no fuel and gas
      1 Question is if ultrasound pyramid emiting is true or false
      2 Question is how much power we got from small basement of pyramid
      3 How can we strenght ultrasound without to have huge bottom basement(can we put on basement some resonances to help mother earth with her own resonances or frequencies?(or I dont know what is creating this ultrasound)
      As additional energy source is possible to do it anyway….
      The tuning forks are the towers placed at certain global positions. They become part of a World System of Power Towers all vibrating with the same oscillation using the planet to further the wireless electricity. At Colorado Springs, Tesla proved that the entire planet could act as a conductor of electricity…Tesla had made his incredible AC obsolete…and that led to his ultimate invention: the nearly 200-foot tower in NY (1900-1905).

  20. […] Tesla was an electrical genius who revolutionized our world with AC power in a way that DC power could never have accomplished, since the resistance of any transmission lines (except, perhaps for superconductive ones) is prohibitive for direct current. He deserved much better treatment from the tycoons of his age, than to spend the last forty years of his life in abject poverty. However, he was too much of a gentleman to hold a grudge. Instead, regarding the magnifying transmitter, Tesla wrote in his autobiography: “I am unwilling to accord to some small-minded and jealous individuals the satisfaction of having thwarted my efforts. These men are to me nothing more than microbes of a nasty disease. My project was retarded by laws of nature. The world was not prepared for it. It was too far ahead of time. But the same laws will prevail in the end and make it a triumphal success.” - […]

  21. Does @elonmusk know about this? He should be funding this!! If not, then the researchers could start a @kickstarter or @Indiegogo campaign. The @Oatmeal needs to get on that!

  22. vette says:

    I agree, the energy that consist naturally on this earth is available to all who have the mind to seek it out, free by Gods design, not owned by anyone who thinks they control it. Think about it, people have become slave to the corporations who offer us this power. We existed off natural resources for 1000’s of years. Only within the last 120years have we had this system that is controlled by a few. There are laws in place so that we attempt or even think to utilize it. They have a common goal to harness power for financially gain, it’s all self interest. Tesla hated war, and his natural curiosity and inventions were meant for good and he knew it was a new source of power available to all, he had no interest in business…which sadly was his downfall financially. He understood this power, just not the greed of others……dude was wayyyyyy ahead of his time. He even invented a charged particle beam weapon…..but he never gave away his idea. Smart!

  23. TdiGuy says:

    I am curious how much power it would take to transmit a usable 120v with say 1amp. Also how would you regulate the power? By that i mean people closer to the transmitters would likely see higher voltage than people miles away and electronics do not like to see variations in voltage or current. I also wonder how much concern there would be about cancer. People living near high voltage distribution centers seem to have a higher risk of cancer and that is with the power mostly contained in wires.

  24. No offence but some of you sound like a bunch of raving cultists going on and on about the elite which sounds like a sci-fi government group from the x files all I wanted to know is are we going to get wireless electricity up and running so we can evolve technologically and actually make the world a little bit more of an easier place to live in and not be dragged into a scully and moulder convention. 👽 Obveously this does not apply to everyone here but seriously their are some strange people on the internet and you know who you are 😁😂😀🙂

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